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If you were given the gift of time, What would you make time4...?

Time isnt a matter of milestones, but of moments

~ Rose Kennedy ~

ABOUT time4...

Time is the most precious commodity.  People are constantly complaining there is never enough time and so many things get in the way of concentrating on those things that truly matter, those things that go deep in to the soul.

Research is showing more and more people are looking back at the roads they didn’t take and wonder, “What if?”  A recent survey reveals a staggering four out of ten adults (at various stages of life) regret how they have lived their lives so far.  40% of the respondents claim they want to make some positive changes about their future both to live a life with greater purpose and to feel they will leave legacy that truly counts.

Sadly, inaction seems to be the biggest cause of regret, with three in four adults claiming that their current regret is mainly caused by things they wanted to do but never got around to or prioritise for, or that they feel something is missing.

So, what does Time4... DO to change that?

Time4... is about self reflection and as importantly planning.  This is a  deeply personal service that supports individuals in planning for the very real things that make up the whole of life experience and to celebrate the milestones and life stage changes that inevitably occur in between (and yes, we even stare death in the face).


Time4's results don't end with postcodes, the number of zero's in your salary or title of a role on the corporate climb.  We don't talk to the badge on the car or the label on a suit.  We appreciate they can be great outcomes, but they don't capture the essence of a quality life, and how well you actually live it and prepare for all its eventualities.

We lean into life, ensuring our clients focus in on planning  to live their life on their terms and celebrating the many amazing milestones along the way and to its eventual end.


So, what will make time4...?

Watch Gear

Life Coaching

Everyone has a purpose in life, and within that purpose lays a uniqueness just waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.  

Time4... you to find your purpose?

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End of Life Doula

In our society we often disassociate death, treating it with a separateness from being alive, when in fact death is part of every life.


We are all going to die, that’s a statistic we can’t change. Yet, few people want to talk about dying or death; and even fewer plan for it.

Time4... you to plan for the most intimate of life's moments?


Life Stage Celebrant

Every life event deserves celebration.


We help you to plan and conduct life stage events such as naming ceremonies, weddings, vow renewals, funerals and memorial services.

Time4... you to celebrate your next life stage?

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

“Steve Shaw is an experienced and sensitive coach who has worked with many clients whose sense of being has been challenged by life circumstance. He brings this sensitivity and compassion to his work supporting people as they face their own mortality. His personal experience of caring for a loved ones at the end of life means that he draws upon a wellspring of empathy and the insight of personal experience in addition to his training as a Natural Carer EOL coach and doula with The Centre for Nature Connection. Cultural recognition is a key aspect of his work and is held in the kete of his own Maori and Pakeha heritage as he weaves ways of supporting others on their life journey. – .”

Georgina Langdale

The Centre for Nature Connection


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