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End of Life

Of all the major events in life, death can be the most unfamiliar and scary to all but a few.  Whether you are caregiver or person nearing the end of life, this intense transition can bring up a multitude of emotions and challenges.  This journey is special and personal.  It can be sacred and meaningful with the right guidance and support.  We are never able to rid the experience of grief and sadness, but Time4's vow is to help you discover opportunities to find meaning, peace and even joy in a persons passing.


Although it is often personally confronting facing our own mortality; and it can be challenging to have conversations about death and dying with those you love, these are very important conversations to have.


An End of Life Doula - aka Death Doula, is someone who provides non-medical support and advocacy services to a dying person, their families, and those close to them and support them through these difficult times.

When you do have these conversations and put your affairs in order, there is often a great “sense of relief” and satisfaction that you have been able to share this important information; and a recognition that by doing this you hopefully will reduce some of the burden of decision-making for those you love in the event that decisions have to be made on your behalf due to illness, accident or sudden death.

An end of life doula can provide a broad range of services depending on individual needs, including, but is not limited to, the provision of practical and emotional support, resources, assistance, advocacy, and education to a person with a diagnosis or who is aging (and their close family and friends) or those around them.

Generally, Doulas are engaged from the point of receiving a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, and their role and function are as personal and individual as the dying person, their family, and their circumstances.


Time4... doesn't limit the End of Life activity to the terminally ill but also offers support for the living to discuss death and dying to ensure there is comfort and a level of certainty around some of the most intimate wishes you may ever make.

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End of life services

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