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Dry Roses and Diary

Legacy Projects

What you leave behind is not is engraved in stone monuments, but is woven into the lives of others

~ Pericles ~

What is a legacy project?

The creation of something that honours your life and passes forward a part of you for generations to come.  It serves as a beautiful gift for your family and friends to remember you and feel close to you after you pass.  Legacy projects have been shown to bring healing and positivity to all those who participate in creating one. There is no perfect time to make a legacy project.  They can be created before a life limiting diagnosis or after. 


  • Writing for Family

  • Book of life lessons / family stories

  • Journal

  • Legacy letters

  • Collage

  • Legacy box

  • Scrap book

  • Collection of recipes

  • Time capsule

  • Milestone letters

  • Trinkets and celebration memorials


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